This project consisted of four premium A-Space modular classrooms along with some temporary lease buildings that were installed to solve the urgent need for space due to a significant fire in 2019. The A-Space modular buildings were selected for their quality, flexibility and ability to utilise the Innovative Learning Environment style of pedagogy, which was a requirement of the school. These classrooms are also easily relocated and reusable with a unique modular decking and canopy system installed so the entire module and be reused easily and cost-effectively at a new location.

“A-Line have done a great job and delivered an excellent product to a high level of finish and we appreciate the efforts you have made to deliver these buildings in the time frame you have. I appreciate the ongoing relationship A-Line have with the Ministry of Education throughout Auckland and the Northland region.” - Senior Manager, Ministry of Education

Client: Ministry of Education

Duration: 6 months

Project Value: $2M